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Signs of the Time

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 Sep 14th 2016 6:19pm

Signs Of The Time

Signs of the Time will showcase local and international street artists from the collection of art consultant and collector Ken McGregor. Artists include Blek Le Rat (France), Banksy (UK), Swoon (USA), Bambi (UK), E.L.K (Australia), Lister (Australia), Stewy (UK), D*face (UK) and A1One (Iran/Germany). Images of Bambi’s iconic Amy Winehouse portrait, the godfather of stencil art Blek Le Rat’s statement self-portrait The Man Who Walks Through Walls, will be showcased alongside A1One’s anti-corporation and Swoon’s social struggle artworks. Local artists include self-taught stencil artist E.L.K (Luke Cornish)’s soldiers and Lister (Anthony Lister)’s superheroes.

“It is the responsibility of a ‘self-proclaimed’ artist to realise the public needs art and not to make it bourgeois art for a few and ignore the masses.” KEITH HARING 1978

As their guerrilla-like enhancement of urban structures is often considered a criminal act, many street artists use pseudonyms: Bambi, Banksy, Swoon (Caledonia Dance Curry), Blek Le Rat (Xavier Prou). Yet with an appreciation of street art extending beyond the urban environment, the outsiders, and their work have become insiders. Enterprising street artists since 1980's have capitalised on the popularity their work and made the transition to gallery and homes of private collectors. Observed Blek le Rat, “Street art is ephemeral by nature, and the only way to keep a memory of what happened on the street is to show your work on canvas or other surfaces in a gallery.”

Late nights, early mornings - the streets are transformed. Street artists, many of whom have attended art school, venture out decorating the urban structures with their work. With the mantra that art should be made by the people, for the people and be free, what they leave behind is ephemeral artwork that reflects society’s concerns, often through the prism of popular culture.

STREET ARTISTS WATCH THIS SPACE – Opportunities for artists including internal and external commissions at the Art Centre Gold Coast and painting a section of the wall near Helensvale train station. More information will be posted in October.

Signs of the Time is on display at Gold Coast City Gallery from 11 February  – 19 March 2017 in the Gallery 1 & Gallery Foyer. Exhibition entry and associated Public Programs are free.

Catch Signs of the Time at The Arts Centre Gold Coast from February 11 to March 19, 2017. Our Main Beach Apartments are just minutes away from The Arts Centre Gold Coast.

The two bedroom two bathroom apartments are fully self contained and complete with everything you will need. We also have guest facilities for your comfort and convenience.

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