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Whale Watching Tours in Main Beach

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 Feb 24th 2012 12:15pm

Humpback Whale 7

Whale watching has been described as a humbling and life-affirming experience. If you’ve never experienced it yourself, the Gold Coast is the perfect place to discover why these magnificent mammals have such a profound effect on people lucky enough to spot them in the wild.  

Thousands of beautiful humpback whales make their way directly past the Gold Coast between June and October each year in search of warm water for the breeding season. During this period the Gold Coast is arguably the best place to watch whales in the whole of Australia, especially because they often pass just a few kilometers from the beach.

There are a number of whale watching tours that can be boarded at Marina Mirage, close to our Gold Coast family holiday accommodation. These tours have an almost 100%  sighting rate during the whale watching season and most offer refunds in the rare case of a no-show. As you glide across the Pacific you’ll have a chance to view these magnificent giants up close as the leap in and out of the ocean and even feel the splash as their tail hits the water! You can also expect to spot frolicking dolphins, sea turtles and maybe even sharks on your trip.

The majority of whale watching tours run for approximately three hours and there are both morning and afternoon departures available.

To find out more about whale watching tours in and around Main Beach visit:

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